Differences and features of IP address update protocols


Currently, the MyIP service provides four methods for updating the IP address

  • HTTP Auth
  • HTTP
  • UDP



Classic algorithm for updating the IP address. Used by almost all DDNS servers. The principle of operation is based on verification of the login and password specified in the domain card.

The format of the update string:



https://myip.co.ua/update?domain=DOMAIN&ip=IP (в этом случае логин и пароль нужно будет вводить в интерактивном режиме)


LOGIN -  login specified in the domain name card

PASSWORD - password specified in the domain name card

DOMAIN - domain name, for example test8.myip.co.ua

IP is an optional parameter, the IP address, if not specified, determines the IP of the client that executed the request



Simplified non-secure HTTP request. It is used for updating without authenification by programs like CURL, WGET. In the query line, the domain name, login and password are not transmitted. The update string hash depends on the bundle "domain name @ password"

Sample update string:




Secure HTTP request. Full analog of the HTTP request.



The request is intended for embended network devices. To update the address, you need to build a small package that does not take up much space. In case of impossibility to transfer to the server, the packet does not stop (delay) the operation of the device.

The address of the update server is UDP: myip.co.ua:200 or


Package format:

[4 bytes uint32_t RID] [6 bytes uint8_t [6] MAC] [4 bytes uint8_t [4] IP] [4 bytes uint32_t PIN]


RID - code of the package identifier, created by the sender, intended to identify the response packet

MAC - MAC address of the device, 6 bytes, used by the system to identify the NS record

IP - IP address of the device, if IP =, then the IP specified by the server is set

PIN - PIN code, designed to identify NS records


The algorithm for compiling the UDP package:

RID is a random number, for example 3489576 (0x00353F28)

MAC - 00: 11: 22: 33: 44: 55

IP -

PIN - 1234567890 (0x499602D2)

Outlet package

00,35,3F, 28,             00,11,22,33,44,55,               C0, A8.00.01,                 44.96.02, D2

      RID                             MAC                                    IP                                    PIN

In response to the request packet, the server will send a packet of 4 bytes of RID 00,35,3F, 28