Description of services MyIP

Dynamic DNS server services

MyIP provides the ability to bind your devices with a dynamic ip address to a static domain name. Dynamic DNS service will allow you to always have access to your devices no matter what IP address the device currently has.

How does it work?

For example, you have a computer at home and you want to access it from your workplace. If the house has a static IP address, then it will be quite easy to connect to the computer, knowing this address. But if the computer is connected to a provider that only issues dynamic IP addresses and order a static IP address service, then you can not connect to the home computer without knowing what IP address is assigned to the home network. To solve this problem, it is necessary that the computer, when changing the IP address or once in a period, sends information about its IP address to the DNS server, and the server in turn must bind this IP address to some domain name. DDNS MyIP servers provide the ability to receive information about the IP address of the device and associate this IP address with a domain name.

What do you need?

  • You need to register on the service.
  • Add a new domain name (menu item "Add new domain name" ). In the "Name" and "Domain" fields, specify the desired domain name, for example, if you want to create a domain, then in the " specify mydreams, and in the " Domain " field, select the domain It is also possible to create subdomains, for example, which will be very useful if you have many hosts, and you need to structure the names. To do this, in the "Name" field, specify kab301.et4, in the "Domain" field, select the domain.
  • In the " TTL" field, enter the IP address of the IP address issued by the MyIP server in seconds. The smaller this parameter, the faster will be the reaction to the change of IP address, but traffic will increase with the DNS server MyIP. If you set it to 0, with almost every access to the remote host, your computer will request an IP address from the DNS server, which will speed up the response to changing the IP address, but the exchange rate will be strongly dependent on the DNS server. The desired threshold for dynamic (updatable) addresses is from 10 to 360 seconds. For non-renewable static IP addresses, it's better to specify 86400 (day).
  • The fields "Login" and "Password" are required to complicate the hash of the IP address update request and may be arbitrary. The password must not be empty.
  • In the "IP address" field, specify a static IP address, if you use this name, as static with an unchangeable IP address. If the address changes, then do not change this field.
  • By using the flag "Ability to update IP over HTTP" , you allow or deny auto-update of the IP address. If the check box is unchecked, you can change the IP address only in WEB form.
  • Save.
  • Open the menu "Domain names" , in the table on the name we need, we click "Get information" . You will receive an IP address update link and an instruction for implementing this link in a computer or router.